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Focusing on European Bulk Processing
EuroBulkSystems is a dynamic bi-monthly publication, circulated to over 9000 readers - primarily users of bulk processing systems - throughout Europe. The magazine reports on the handling, processing and distribution of powders, granulates, flakes and pellets - as well as, to a lesser extent, liquids and pastes.

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2016 In-House Test Centre Supplement
To view the latest EuroBulkSystems supplement on In-House Test Centres for Precision Bulk Handling, Processing & Plant Safety (published in the November/December 2015 issue), click HERE


EuroBulk Systems March/April 2016 issue - Digital Version

In addition to its print version, Oakhill Media Ltd is pleased to announce that EuroBulkSystems can also be viewed in Digital Format. To view the latest issue, click HERE.

Pet food packaging: handling a wide range of bag sizes
Concetti points out that the European dry pet food market is a sophisticated and highly competitive one, with a wide and constantly expanding range of packaging formats, especially at plants supplying own-label products to other brand owners.

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Versatile four-column palletizer
The latest innovation from Concetti (see above) is the PS-3A four-column robot palletizer.

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Magnetic separator for high-volume applications
Eclipse Magnetics has extended its Auto-Shuttle magnetic separator range to ensure increased efficiency for high-volume applications.

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Chemical powders de-lumped with bulk bag conditioner
Flexicon Europe recently supplied a Block-Buster® bulk bag conditioner to Barcelona-based DSM Coating Resins Spain, the world's largest producer of polyester resins and one of the largest producers of speciality emulsions.

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ATEX-approved vacuum conveyors: making the right choice online
Piab has extended its pneumatic conveyor product line to include ATEX gas approved piFLOW®p and piFLOW®t models.

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Sophisticated bakery ingredient handling with innovative IBC system
Ing. Johann Daxner recently designed and delivered a flexible, automated blending and dosing system for production of various ready-made bakery formulations comprising a large number of different ingredients.

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Single-source expertise for the global cement industry
Beumer Group in recent years has been successfully operating its Center of Competence for the cement industry in order to provide optimal systems and installations, becoming a full-range supplier to customers all around the world.

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Combined bag dump station and tubular cable conveyor
Flexicon Europe has introduced a manual dump station with integral FLEXI-DISC™ tubular cable conveyor.

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Enhanced design of dust filter
Infastaub has launched a redesigned version of its INFA-Lamellen-Jet AJL pleated element dust filters for separation of dry, non-sticky dusts.

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Clean pallets for producer of table salt
Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) recently supplied a pallet washing system for use by Swiss company Schweizer Rheinsalinen.

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