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03.06.2024 Re-designed air knocker for enhance efficiency

Solimar Pneumatics, specialists in bulk material handling solutions, has launched its redesigned Air Knocker, designed to “transform material handling processes by ensuring the efficient flow of even the most challenging materials”.

The Air Knocker has undergone a comprehensive redesign to enhance its long-term durability and reliability. The key improvement involves the adoption of aluminum die-casting for the cylinder, significantly reducing the weight of the knocker body while keeping its impact force. “This redesign ensures extended wear resistance through the incorporation of a composite sleeve within the cylinder,” the company states. The tank section has been downsized while maintaining its capacity, resulting in a weight reduction of up to 28.5%.

The Knocker features pneumatic hammering technology designed to tackle challenging materials effectively. Operating on the principle of impact, the Knocker piston loosens sticky or adhered materials from vessel walls, ensuring uninterrupted material flow. Users can adjust the knocker impact pressure to align with specific process goals and material characteristics.

Users can tailor the solution to their specific needs, choosing between direct or indirect impact models based on their unique requirements. Furthermore, the system allows for the integration of additional Knockers to accommodate varying silo, hopper, or piping sizes and shapes.

Solimar Pneumatics offers complimentary engineering assistance to guide users in selecting the appropriate Air Knocker model, impact type, and the number of Knockers required for their applications.

The Knocker is suitable for wood pellets, salt, ash, pigments, or other challenging materials prone to sticking,


The Solimar Air Knocker

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