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27.05.2024 Continuous mixer enhances cereal bar production

Solids handling equipment maker, Ajax Equipment, has supplied one of the world’s leading food product manufacturers with a stainless steel twin screw mixer to provide gentle yet thorough mixing during the production of cereal bars.

The screw mixer uses a pair of ribbon augers to deliver efficient mixing to a variety of ingredients, ensuring a homogenous mix over the length of the mixer. By passing hot water through the augers and jacket around the casing, the mixer provides heat to help maintain the temperature and condition of the ingredients.

“Handling and processing food requires a very high standard of hygiene. Over 50 years Ajax has developed a number of mixer features to help producers achieve this,” commented, Lewis Shaw, technical sales engineer, Ajax Equipment. “A mixer’s casing profile can be tailored to ensure there are no ‘dead areas’ preventing, often sticky, materials from building up. This along with a high standard of finish, such as a mirror polish, and quick release screws help make Ajax mixers easy to clean and produce a high quality product.”


Ajax mixers include a range of features to ensure hygienic processing of ingredients

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