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13.05.2024 Ystral:"Innovation beats tradition in process engineering"

The German machinery and plant manufacturer ystral is showcasing its products at ACHEMA 2024 under the motto "Innovation beats tradition in process engineering". The mixing and dispersing technology specialist will be presenting the newly developed continuously operating powder wetting and dispersing machine ystra Coflow for the first time at the leading international trade fair for the process industry in Frankfurt from June 10 to 14, 2024.

With its theme-oriented presentation at the exhibition, the machine and plant manufacturer aims to demonstrate in which areas of process engineering the most significant added value can be realized through the use of innovative technologies.

"Traditional process engineering is often limited by outdated methods and technologies," says Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob, Senior Expert Process and Applications at ystral. "Innovations enable us to overcome these limitations and develop more efficient, sustainable and future-proof solutions – this is what we want to discuss with trade fair visitors."

To expand its machine portfolio, ystral has developed the continuously operating ystra Coflow, which will be presented to a trade fair audience as a premiere at this year's ACHEMA in Hall 6.0, Stand B49.  

In the ystra Coflow, solids and liquid components are introduced in controlled quantities via solids dosing units or a liquid pump and combined in a premixing zone. Fine dispersion then takes place using a rotor-stator system, whereby the stator can be designed with different slot widths depending on the application. "An inducer installed between the premixing zone and the rotor-stator zone is effectuating a pressure increase," says Uwe Klaumünzner, Expert Process and Application Engineering at ystral. "This change in pressure causes the air brought in with the powder to be separated, resulting in a lower residual air content in the product."

The ystra Coflow is designed for a wide range of applications in various industries. The focus lies on products with powders that are easy to process and do not require post-dispersion as well as users with a lean product portfolio or relatively few product changes.

ystral plans, designs and manufactures mixing, dispersing and powder wetting machines as well as process plants that are used worldwide in the chemicals, paints and varnishes, food, pharmaceuticals, household and cosmetics industries as well as for battery production.  

(Below) The new continuously operating powder wetting and dispersing machine YSTRAL Coflow developed by ystral.

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