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18.03.2024 Busch Family honoured with “Made in Baden” award

The Busch family, owners of Busch Vacuum Solutions, were presented with the “Made in Baden” award at a ceremony at the beginning of March, attended by 300 guests at the Bénazet hall of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden, a historic spa in the town of Baden-Baden, Germany.

Since 2016, the non-profit association “Badische Wirtschaft - Made in Baden”, an active network and community of interest of leading companies, has been presenting the “Made in Baden” award to outstanding personalities from business, media and culture who have a close connection to the Baden region.

The Busch family was honoured for its lifetime achievement and the entrepreneurial success of Busch Vacuum Solutions. Professor Hermann Simon, who coined the term “hidden champions” for medium-sized companies with global market leadership, praised Busch in his laudatory speech: “Hidden champions form the elite of the German economy. I consider Busch to be one of the ten best in this elite. You can only become and remain a world market leader through constant innovation. Busch’s innovative strength is outstanding.”

In her thank you speech to the initiators and Professor Simon, Ayla Busch emphasized: “Our family feels very connected to the Baden region and loves living here. Our corporate culture has also been strongly influenced by the down-to-earth people of Baden.”


From left to right: Kaya Busch, Ayhan Busch, Professor Hermann Simon, Sami Busch, Ayla Busch

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