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05.02.2024 New optical sorter launched

Swiss technology group Bühler has launched its newest optical sorter, the SPARK Pro, developed to bring food safety to small and medium businesses.

SPARK is an optical sorter, featuring a non-stop sorting algorithm to provide reliable production that won’t shut down, and a zero-spillage design so that less product is wasted.

With SPARK, Bühler says that it has acknowledged the challenges facing food processing; expensive raw materials squeezing profit margins, and unpredictable weather conditions increasing the chance of defects in the product. To uphold food safety, reliable optical sorting needs to be accessible to every organization, no matter its size.

The easy operation means organizations of all sizes can access safe food and good yield quality, without the need for complicated operator training and reducing the chances of human error.


SPARK has a zero-spillage design, meaning processors reduce waste and achieve higher yield.

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