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22.01.2024 Healthy mixes from MiFood

In collaboration with the Nutritional Concepts Lab (a food laboratory at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo), Dinnissen has developed an innovative line for processing fruits and vegetables into healthy consumer products.

The initiator of the Nutritional Concepts Lab - and founder of the new line - is MiFood: developer of resistance-enhancing fruit and vegetable products. Raymond Nolet, the founder of MiFood, focuses on preserving the healthy substances in fruits and vegetables during processing. To scientifically substantiate the efficacy of these compounds, a three-year human food intervention study was conducted with 200 participants.

MiFood's goal is to develop a method that retains the original concentration of all healthy bioactive substances while making the nutrients optimally available for consumption. MiFood and Dinnissen explored the possibilities for such an advanced production line together at the D-Innocenter (Dinnissen's R&D department).

MiFood and Dinnissen have joined forces to create a research and development line that contains all the process steps necessary to transform fruits and vegetables into healthy mixes without losing healthy substances. Through a Big Bag Unloading Station, a manual Bag Emptying System, or liquid intake, the required products enter a Pegasus Vacuum Coater. This modified vacuum coater has a strict upper temperature limit and is precisely heated by steam pumped between the double walls of the vacuum coater. From this machine, the mix can be transferred to a blender to be blended to the right fineness.

Fruits and vegetables serve as the raw materials for this production line, yielding mixes and bars replete with their beneficial properties as the desired output. MiFood and Dinnissen have developed a line that safeguards all these healthful substances, ensuring they remain bioavailable to the body. To achieve this, excessive heating is prevented. The fruits and vegetables are finely processed with a blender, to unlock essential active compounds while retaining their fibers. In the vacuum coater, granules can be added which absorb the healthy fruit and vegetable mix. As a result, a 40-gram bar contains the same amount of healthful components as 125 grams of vegetables and/or fruit.

Perry Konings, Commercial Manager, Dinnissen sees the collaboration as a mutual reinforcement for both companies: "MiFood learns from Dinnissen, and vice versa. The knowledge gained in this project carries forward into the future. The collaboration extends beyond delivery, as we continue brainstorming together in the post-delivery phase to further refine our processes. The Nutritional Concepts Lab is soon to celebrate its fifth anniversary. It's fantastic to see the excellent condition of the R&D line. Due to MiFood's meticulous maintenance practices, combined with our annual inspections, the line remains in peak technical condition."

(Top) Raymond Nolet, founder of MiFood, at the R&D line.

(Second) The vacuum coater in MiFood's R&D line.


(Third) A section of the R&D line at MiFood.


(Bottom) Fruits and vegetables serve as the raw materials for this production line,

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