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15.01.2024 Intelligent plants lead to automated efficiency

KLB Kötztal Lacke + Beschichtungen GmbH based in Bavarian Ichenhausen is a leading provider of coating materials and reaction resins for industrial flooring. In the expansion and modernization of its production capabilities, as well as comprehensive digital process optimization, the company has partnered with Haver & Boecker OHG - along with its subsidiaries, the technology companies Sommer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau and QUAT²RO.

The expansion and automation of production at KLB Kötztal GmbH commenced in August 2016 with the commissioning of the construction of a new coating facility at Haver's subsidiary, Sommer. The new mixing plant is tailored to the client's requirements: mixers, silos, tanks, and containers, along with numerous scales, conveyor screws, pumps, pipelines, and various other components, ensure a seamless production of high-quality paints and coatings.

"In the next step, the goal is to bring the new coating facility to life. And that's where we come
in," reports Wilhelm Reinkemeier, Head of Engineering at QUAT²RO.

For approximately 20 years, the various batch management systems from QUAT²RO have represented intelligent configuration and management of complex mixing processes for bulk solids and liquids. For the blending of paints, adhesives, resins, and other products at KLB Kötztal GmbH, the system solution is customized to individual specifications. "Here, the specific plant orientation, driven by the mixing of liquids and solids, is particularly noteworthy," explains Wilhelm Reinkemeier.

From silos and tanks to solid containers and barrels for smaller quantities, all components must be precisely weighed and transported to the mixer in the correct amount and order. Additional expertise is required at this stage, as the quality of the finished product depends significantly on the optimal duration and speed of mixing in the high performance dissolver from Sommer. An additional challenge for the Southern German production company is adhering to guidelines regarding explosion protection when adding flammable substances.

With the installation of the process control system from QUAT²RO, the new coating facility of the manufacturer is complemented by the proverbial "eyes and ears" thatmiss no relevant information. Based on proven visualization standards, QUAT²RO® Process Visualization enables the central monitoring and operation of all integrated plant components.

Storage of finished products in large tanks at KLB Kötztal.

Silo discharge of raw materials for the mixing process at KLB.

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