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13.01.2014 Fine particle coating system to form part of Project Chariot

Bolton-based Ajax Equipment is to play a key role in the UK-government sponsored Project Chariot advanced manufacturing initiative in which, as previously reported, above-mentioned International Innovative Technologies is also closely involved (see Industry News for week of 14 October 2013). The £18M project is being led by Procter & Gamble’s Newcastle Innovation Centre. 
Ajax is collaborating with the Centre for Process Innovation and the universities of Birmingham, Durham, Leeds and Cranfield to develop a multi-coating system for fine particles based on its continuous screw mixing technology. It is providing a range of processing and feeding equipment for the project. Director Mark Waters said: “Chariot will enable Ajax to form long-term partnerships with leading academic organisations and industrial partners, and assist in the future creation of high skilled engineering posts here at Ajax, as well as providing many opportunities for future sales.”
Ajax director Mark Waters (left) with technical director Eddie McGee

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