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15.04.2013 Precision bulk bag metering station

DASAG Verfahrenstechnik und Anlagenbau, Nordhausen, Germany, has recently introduced an advanced bulk bag metering station which offers dustfree handling within a closed system. Special features include: adjustable flow volume and flow velocity; part emptying of bulk bags; the capability to return surplus material to the bulk bag; and a flexible design concept. The system includes a DASAG powder pump plus weighing compensator. The control system includes a SIWAREX module and an SPS S7-300 with OP3 panel to control all functions of the plant.
Basic steps during operation of the metering station are as follows:
After docking of the bulk bag, the dosing parameters and conveying programme are preset. The contents of the bag can be fluidised by means of special mechanisms.
Gravimetric metering is effected by the powder pump.
Metering starts after all preparatory measures have been completed when the level control sensor in the docking system is covered.
Monitoring of the product flow out of the bag results from the interpretation of the level sensor in the docking system. Discharge assistance is switched on if required.
The bulk material is conveyed by an air-reduced pumping principle.
Any remaining agglomerates will be destroyed by the movement of the membrane.
After the set value has been attained, any excess material is fed back into the bulk bag.
The mode of action of pneumatic or mechanical discharge assistance can be modified to suit a wide range of different bulk materials. 
DASAG bulk bag metering station

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