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08.10.2018 Products vacuum dried and coated with a single machine

Lindor, Dordrecht, the Netherlands, has unveiled the Capsule, a vacuum dryer/coater which performs both functions with one machine. Applications include: rapid and effective drying of pharmaceutical components (such as APIs), impregnation and drying of catalysts, liquid and gas reactions with powders, soaking special plastic compounds, etc.
A number of Lindor Capsules have already been supplied for pharmaceutical applications and fine chemicals. In addition, the company has a Capsule available for customer trials at its Dordrecht test centre. Vacuum enables a lower evaporation temperature to be attained, at which fluid becomes a gas. This allows drying under vacuum at a lower temperature, or faster drying at the same temperature. For example, the boiling temperature of pure water at sea level is 100°C, but on Mount Everest, where the air pressure is much lower, it is only 69°C. 
This advantage results in far better preservation of product properties owing to a lower drying temperature combined with lower energy consumption. For coating and impregnation, the advantage of vacuum is that a liquid can penetrate and adhere deeper and more rapidly into the pores of a particle.
The Capsule vacuum dryer is a new development in Lindor technology. The core of the vacuum dryer is similar to the conventional Lindor mixer, in that it has a rotating drum with fixed vanes. As a result of rotation and gravity, powder or granulate flows evenly through the drum. Because an agitator is not used, the particles are practically free from shearing forces. The combination of this technology with vacuum ensures even temperature distribution, shorter drying times and that the product's integrity is maintained. 
The Capsule vacuum dryer, which can be supplied in various batch capacities, differs not so much in mixing technology but more in its design. The drum has a double wall with a fully welded insulation layer, special seals that can withstand vacuum and a rail structure that ensures a safe, quick and simple method for disassembly and for correct re-assembly

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