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08.10.2018 High-capacity air classifier mill

Kason Corporation Europe, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, is now able to offer an air classifier mill with higher capacity than any model previously offered by its US parent company. Designated model CAM 1300, the unit combines impact grinding and air classification in one machine to produce fine grinds with narrow particle size distribution in the range of D97 (10 microns typically at rates to 15t/h for large-scale processes).
Intended for bulk foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, epoxy resins, powder coatings and mineral applications, the mill allows control of the air flow rate and grinding temperature to condition heat-sensitive or hygroscopic materials.  Material enters the milling chamber where a spinning rotor impacts the particles against grinding segments inside of the chamber wall by centrifugal force.  A rising column of air lifts the particles into the rotating classifier wheel, separating on-size material and directing it to the process air stream for collection or further processing. Over-size material returns by gravity into the path of the spinning rotor for further grinding. 
Kason’s CAM 1300 air classifier mill and (below) a clamshell style lid provides interior access to the grinding media

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