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09.04.2018 Telsonic UK to market ultrasonic screening technology Europe-wide

Telsonic AG, Bronschhofen, Switzerland, has entrusted its UK subsidiary with direct responsibility for sales of the company’s extensive range of ultrasonic screening modules and components within European markets. The move is expected to further enhance the portfolio of products available from Telsonic UK as well as opening up additional business opportunities in new industrial sectors. Sales, marketing and service of this product range, which was previously distributed within the UK by a third party, has now been brought entirely in-house.
The company points out that industrial sieving requirements have in recent years become increasingly complex and demanding. Powders are finer, throughput times shorter and grading tolerances have become narrower. Manufacturers of traditional equipment and technologies used for these processes are finding it more difficult to achieve the high technical standards demanded today.
Ultrasonic methods, however, offer reliable and high performance solutions. Telsonic’s SONOSCREEN® ultrasonic components prevent blockage of the screen fabric during the particle separation process, increasing throughput and improving the selectivity of the sieved product. The optimised resonance systems available from the company are designed to deliver maximum performance for the lowest expenditure and even the finest screen fabric fulfils the most exacting application requirements. Telsonic’s SONOSCREEN technology is available in a number of options to users and integrators. Telsonic UK Ltd is based in Poole, Dorset. 
Telsonic UK now offers a range of ultrasonic components and modules for industrial sieving applications.

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