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12.03.2018 Crystallisation and drying of plastics/decontamination of PET

KREYENBORG Plant Technology, Senden, Germany, has recently introduced two new products – the IR-CLEAN® and PET-BOOSTER® - both of which are based on the company’s well established IRD Infrared Rotary Drum.
IR-CLEAN has been designed to decontaminate post-consumer PET flakes for direct food-contact products in compliance with US FDA regulations. This latest version of the IRD system produces clean flakes, based on the general crystallisation-plus-drying process of the IRD concept. Here the flakes are treated under constantly changing surface conditions in combination with high temperatures, but without any vacuum systems. Extremely high cleaning efficiency is attained. IR-CLEAN systems are designed to be used in combination with extrusion technology and are said to provide a very cost-effective retrofit solution to existing PET sheet lines.
PET-BOOSTER is a continuously operating system which crystallises and dries PET within 7-10 minutes. Focus here is specifically on applications in extrusion of PET sheet, films and fibres with degassing extruders (twin-screw, planetary and multi-screw types). Varying levels of input moisture resulting from process variations are eliminated. 
Both these new machines will be exhibited on Stand W3775 at NPE, Orlando, FL, 7-11 May. 
KREYENBORG’s IRD Infrared Dryer  

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