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05.03.2018 Titanium dioxide: granulation helps safeguard against possible dust hazard

Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich, Hardheim, Germany, points out that breathing in dust particles that cannot be broken down by the body can trigger inflammation processes in the lungs. It is currently under discussion whether or not titanium dioxide has a carcinogenic effect on humans. It is therefore a sensible precaution to avoid dust as much as possible. This can be done by transforming dusts into granulates. Another advantage of granulates is their improved dosing accuracy, since the risk of adhesion and sticking in batching systems can be ruled out. EIRICH mixing and granulating technology has been shown to be particularly successful when it comes to the production of granulates.
One of the methods for transforming powdery substances into granulates is build-up granulation in mixers. In many industries this is done with EIRICH mixers. Depending on the material, they can be used to manufacture granulates ranging in diameter from 100µm to 5mm.
Customer trials at the EIRICH test centre have shown that, in some cases, it is even possible to granulate finely dispersed substances without the addition of liquids or chemical aids; examples of this include bismuth vanadate or zinc oxide. With this technology, processors of titanium dioxide in particular now have access to a cost-effective method for exploiting the advantages of granulates over powders and pre-empting potential regulations relating to titanium dioxide dusts.
Interested companies can find out the best or most cost-effective conditions for a granulating process at the EIRICH test centre in Hardheim or at one of the other sites of the EIRICH Group. This is a simple way to verify the cost-effectiveness of the granulating process and criteria such as freedom from dust, flow properties and redispersibility. 
Titanium dioxide granulates produced by EIRICH technology are dustfree, free flowing and easy to redisperse

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