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12.02.2018 New design of feeder reduces cleaning time

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, has launched the new FEEDOS® S screw feeder, which is of radically innovative design, covering the 0.5 to 500 litres/h output range. The manufacturer stresses that, above all, precision feeding devices for bulk materials should feed accurately and consistently. Moreover, availability over their life cycle is crucial. Downtimes, maintenance intervals, malfunctions and high cleaning costs reduce the productive service life of a feeding unit and thus increase production costs. 
Flanges for integration of the device into the production plant are standardised in two variants. Feeding chamber and feeding mechanism have been developed and extensively tested for different product characteristics. All elements can be easily disassembled and removed for cleaning.
In developing the new feeder, Gericke was strongly guided by the principle of ‘safety by design’. The prime objective was to implement the concept of integrated hygiene, user friendliness and process reliability, without complicated mechanical solutions. Simplicity is the key and the basis for the economic feeding process. Test equipment is available at Gericke’s test facilities. The novel FEEDOS series seems likely to mark a milestone in the evolution of feeding technology. 
Gericke’s FEEDOS S feeder

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