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05.02.2018 Vacuum drying of food and food additives

AVA, Herrsching, Germany, points out that many applications require a very homogeneous end product with short drying times. In the food industry, in many cases, high-value and delicate products are processed that need to be treated gently. For this type of requirement the company has developed the vertical HVW-VT Vacuum Contact Dryer. 
Its helical agitator, which is driven and sealed from the top, ensures a vortex motion of all particles simultaneously. Owing to the heated double jacket and the heated agitator, a maximum of energy is introduced into the product. Temperature and vapour pressure are maintained to the required specification by a powerful vacuum pump with condensation unit. In addition, the machine is equipped with an automatic cleaning filter system. Throughout the drying process, pressure and temperature are constantly monitored and automatically controlled.
The vertical design of the HVW-VT ensures optimum material flow in the production process. The product is filled from above into the machine and leaves it after drying by an outlet valve at the lowest point of the dryer. The conical design with an interior which is almost entirely free of any dead space ensures easy and perfect emptying.
The HVW-VT, which will be featured by AVA on Stand D020 in Hall 10.1 at Anuga FoodTech, Cologne, 20-23 March, is suitable for use in batch as well as continuous production processes. For integration into a continuous production process, two AVA dryers use a common raw material feed in shuttle mode: while one machine is being filled, the other dries and empties the product. 
The HVW-VT from AVA is suitable for use in batch as well as continuous production processes

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